The Art Of Dining


Fine dining is what many people imagine to be Crisp tablecloths, violins in the background and seven-course meals. However, today’s fine dining has evolved into an eclectic blend of cuisines and dining concepts. This is why you may find yourself overwhelmed when invited to say, a date at a fine dining restaurant, or an elegant event.

Well, if you find yourself panicking about table manners: which knife and folk to use first, how to hold your cutlery or how to chew. You are not the first! It isn’t a rare sight, people are alarmed by the number of forks or the fancily folded napkins in a fine dining restaurant! The art of good manners and etiquette, while being seated for dinner, needs to be learned and acquired.

“Eating is aggressive by nature, and the implements required for it could quickly become weapons; table manners are, most basically, a system of taboos designed to ensure that violence remains out of the question”. If the words of Margaret Visser, didn’t help ease your tension don’t fret, Pink Label has selected some essential table manners, to help you avoid discomfort during formal interactions.



Table manners rules are not complicated, but will help you make a great impression at your next meal. These are the area where you need to keep your etiquette in check:

  1. Seating etiquette
  2. Napkin etiquette
  3. Food service etiquette
  4. The table setting
  5. When to start eating
  6. Handling utensils
  7. Passing the food
  8. Resting utensils
  9. Meals end



Sometimes, proper dining etiquette, whether in a restaurant or at home, or at an event is not obvious. Make one dining etiquette mistake, and everyone’s attention is drawn to that mistake. Which is why most of us need a dining etiquette refresher from time-to-time.

For almost all meals, if you are wondering what utensil to use, start from the outside and work your way in. So, if you are served a salad first, use the fork set to the far left of your plate. Your water glass is the one above your knife in your place setting. And don’t chew with your mouth open.

Avoid making a fuss. If you don’t like something, leave it. If the food is too hot, don’t blow it wait till it has cooled. Refrain from smoking at the table unless permitted by the hostess. Don’t photograph the table, it looks desperate. Keep your plate in the same position, after the meal has been served.

Always be polite to the servers; the contrary makes you look common. Don’t point with your cutlery and never hold your fork while you drink your wine. Be careful not to overstay your welcome

Finally, be sure to say thank you to your host before leaving.

Hope these guidelines have restored your confidence. However, that is not all we have for you. What linen and Cutlery company would Pink Label be without letting your in on some cutlery etiquette.



Don’t create a messy communication confusion with your cutlery without knowing. Yes, the way you assemble your cutlery sends a message to the servers. Here is how to communicate accordingly.

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