Choosing the right cutlery for your event?

We all know the overwhelming excitement of seeing an event you’ve been organizing finally take form. From the perfect venue, the décor, RSVP’s down to the tables setting.

What no one wants at their seamlessly organized event is a mismatch, especially with what lays on your well-dressed table. Now one element that can turn your perfect table into a shabby disaster, is having the wrong cutlery.

Worry not, because at Pink label, we take pride in making sure our clients maintain a flawless fine dining experience.
We’ve put together some tips on choosing the right cutlery for your event…



The University of Oxford research team recently revealed that our perception of how food tastes is heavily influenced by the cutlery we use. How we experience food is a multi-sensory experience which depends on the quality of cutlery we choose. What determines the right quality involves many different components; Size, weight, shape and color all of which are equally important.

The Pink Label team always opts for quality cutlery, by selecting the finest manufactures pieces, just for you. We offer the highest quality stainless steel which is resistant to rust, scratching and blunting.

Our different ranges of cutlery ensure that you get the food taste you paid for!



Every event has a theme and knowing the right cutlery to go with the event décor as an event organizer is key. It is also wise to research whether the theme you desire meets expectation, when it comes to accessibility and numbers. Pink Label offers a wide range of cutlery to suit various event and dinner party themes.



A well laid table can go a long way and here at Pink Label, we help you make the right first impression.

Our cutlery ranges are perfect for nearly every occasion. Whether it’s a Gala event, business conference or a wedding. We keep the latest trends, we live in the future!

We keep the finest linen colors and styles to match our cutlery. Our team of trend setters will give you advise on how to wow your guests with our intriguing trendy cutlery pieces. Our different style choices include: stylish and sophisticated, chic or contemporary, sleek and elegant styles.



In the same breadth, remember that “the best things in life aren’t free” so don’t skimp on your budget either. Pink label offers competitive prices to help beat your budget constraints.

The best way not to blow your budget is to research and plan your finances beforehand.

If you find yourself in a tight corner, perhaps you find yourself having to compromise on quality for quantity, style and trend. Contact us at for advice on which quality pieces to choose.